STAFF Testimonials

Sam Delaney, Business Manager at Gatehouse Green Community Enterprise Ltd

I started working at Ashton Park School in 2013 as a part time administrator. In 2014 I transferred to work in the Sports Centre, where I completed two team leader qualifications.  I am now working full time managing the Sports Centre and working on my Level 3 Team Management qualification.  The Trust has always been supportive in helping me to advance my career progression and has given me the opportunity to complete Apprenticeships.  I am now in the great position of being able to give back to my team who are themselves attending different levels of qualifications from Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainers, Customer service and Team Leader.  The majority of my team have joined us after attending Ashton Park 6 Form, and I like the continuity of this.


Dan Pitman, IT Manager  for Gatehouse Green Learning Trust

I started working for Ashton Park School in 2008 having joined as an IT Technician.  I was promoted to ICT Network Manager shortly after.  Within this time I also started support contracts with other Primary Schools, enabling me to build up the experience within this field.  With the formation of the Gatehouse Green Learning Trust I have now been promoted to Head of IT across the Trust, I really think this shows the opportunities provided by GGLT for their staff. 

I work with two great teams within the schools and they help me provide the service these schools deserve. 

GGLT has added many benefits to ICT; School IT departments can easily feel very alone when it comes to issues, but now they have two teams working alongside each other which enables collaboration and the provision of extra resources which would not be possible within a single school.

GGLT have been very accommodating in regards to childcare issues, and over the years have been able to make amendments to my job role to work around these.

 The staff across the Trust are incredibly friendly which makes me very proud to work for GGLT.


Becky Davies-Cox, House Lead, Year 8 Lead and Teacher of PE/AAG,  Redland Green Secondary School 

I started in Redland Green School  in 2013 as a 0.4 PE teacher on a maternity cover and at the end of the year I was offered a full time permanent position. With the support of the Senior Leadership team I undertook a TLR for Student Leadership and now, 7 years on I am a House Lead and completing my NPQSL. The staff I work with are outstanding and the support and encouragement from the Headteacher and our SLT is invaluable. As a school, the commitment to staff development is complemented wonderfully by the understanding and emphasis placed on wellbeing and this is what makes Redland Green School and GGLT a wonderful setting to work in.


Richard Kennett, Assistant Headteacher: Curriculum and Feedback, Redland Green Secondary School

I've worked at Redland Green Secondary School which came in under Gatehouse Green Learning Trust for my entire career and I joke that I'm a lifer. In my 13 years (I think that's right) I've been challenged and supported to be ambitious with my career and it is for this reason that I've stayed from being an NQT to my current post as an Assistant Head for the Trust. I respect that professionalism is at our core and that my workload and well being is always considered. I am not going anywhere.