About Us

Welcome from the CEO






I am delighted to introduce you to Gatehouse Green Learning Trust. 

We are a multi-academy trust comprising five schools, all firmly rooted in their communities in Bristol. We have more than 3,500 young people, aged between three and 18, in our care and employ more than 400 staff. 

We are determined to give our students the widest possible range of experiences and opportunities within and beyond the classroom. 

We aim to provide a safe environment where children can learn, thrive and prepare to go out into the world.

Our vision is to make GGLT the best trust in which to work and to learn. We expect all staff to be strong role models, enriching our community. 

We believe children and adults can gain hugely from collaboration. It is our intention to develop strong relationships and partnerships in our trust, as well as with other schools and groups of schools, for the benefit of all.

Our door is always open to anyone interested in learning more.

Sarah Baker


Strategic priorities

  • We will improve the quality of education for the children and young people in our schools by creating an effective and sustainable school improvement strategy.
  • We will support our staff to carry out their roles, supporting, developing and challenging where appropriate. Trustees will be mindful of the impact of their decisions on staff workload and wellbeing.
  • We will establish effective and accountable governance with clear understanding of roles and responsibilities. This will include ensuring the views of children, staff and parents and other partners are gathered regularly. It will be fit for purpose and appropriate to the size and complexity of the Trust.
  • We will create a skilled central support service which can deliver financial and organisational sustainability. Potential growth in the Trust will be evaluated carefully against the impact on existing schools and organisational capacity.

Our Schools

Our Sixth Form Centres